Our revolutionary plastic bearings will solve all your problems.(Non-lubricated/Water-resistant/Chemical-resistant/Insulating/Non-magnetic)

Major Advantages of Kashima Bearings:

Uniquely Kashima

Why do we have 30% - 40% of the market in Japan?

Our customers select our bearings for a number of reasons, including quality and variety.

Of course, the main reason is that Kashima Bearings are tailored to the needs of numerous factory environments.

Why Plastic Bearings?

Kashima Bearings:

  • Do NOT Rust
  • Require NO Lubricants
  • Ignore Magnetic Fields
  • Resist Chemical Changes
  • Insulate Components from Electrical Contact

Why Kashima?

Kashima Bearings Offer:

  • Affordable Lot-Sizes
  • Greater Range of Materials
  • High-Tech Craftsmanship
  • Many More Standard Sizes & Types
  • Made-to-Order Specialties
  • Excellent Customer Service

High-Tech Craftsmanship: Kashima crafts bearings by hand and machine, with care and precision, relying on skill and experience acquired over many decades. We can make bearings to order, for small lots, fairly easily and reasonably. We listen to the customers’ needs, then create the best bearing types from the best plastics for each use-case. Customers return again and again, and we adjust the bearings to the customers’ evolving needs and desires.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of standard bearing sizes. Other plastic bearing companies use injection-molding. Each bearing is relatively cheap.

Affordable Lot-Sizes: Making a mold is expensive, costing well over $10,000. Such companies demand that a customer purchase at least 100,000 pieces so they can break-even. Many often demand lot-sizes of around 200,000 pieces. At such prices, these companies have a fairly limited number of molds available.

Many More Standard Sizes & Types: Kashima, however, can make plastic bearings for almost all metal-standard sizes, as well as the most unique sizes and shapes.

Greater Range of Materials: Furthermore, we can craft your bearings out of 7 different types of plastic. Injection molding only offers 1 or 2 types. These types simply cannot offer the advantages that our range of materials provides, especially in chemical or extremely wet environments.

So, if you are looking for just the right plastic-bearing made with world-famous Japanese care and service that can’t be found anywhere else, the answer is Kashima.


  • IMTS 2016 Logo

    Kashima Bearings, Inc. will join MD&M WEST 2017 in Anaheim! Visit our booth and talk to us.
    Our plastic bearings have many applications in the medical field, so we are sure that you will be happy that you visited us! When you take your first step from the venue, you will find Disneyland in front of you! You can go on a dream adventure!
    Hope to see you there!

  • IMTS 2016 Logo

    Kashima Bearings, Inc will be at IMTS 2016!
    Come and talk to us about all the advantages we can offer you, the solution for so many manufacturing issues related to metal bearings! Learn why plastic is better in so many cases! And, learn why Kashima’s machined bearings can offer you more than the other guys

    Or, just come visit for a fun chat with Yuji Kashima, the President with the great smile!
    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • IMTS 2016 Logo

    Join the President of Kashima Bearings, Yuji Kashima, in Dusseldorf, and smile! It is contagious!

    While enjoying a wonderful chat, you can also learn about how perfect plastic ball bearings are for MRIs, pharmaceutical production, clean rooms, etc.
    Can’t wait to see you!

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Kashima Bearings, Inc’ plastic bearings offer:

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We can provide you with the most suitable products for your conditions. Small orders are possible, and if you cannot find just what you need below, we can probably craft the perfect type, so just contact us with your inquiries.

Ball Bearings

Deep-groove ball bearings   Thrust ball bearings   Angular-contact ball bearings
Deep-groove ball bearings   Thrust ball bearings   Angular-contact ball bearings
Self-aligning ball bearings   Miniature ball bearings   Custom-made ball bearings
Self-aligning ball bearings   Miniature ball bearings   Custom-made ball bearings
    Ceramic ball bearings    
    Ceramic ball bearings    

Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Sliding bearings
Plain bearings (i.e., sliding bearings or bushings) are simple bearings without balls that are highly resistant to abrasion, require zero lubricant, and can slide smoothly within various shapes: sleeves, liners, etc.
Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)

Bearing units (pillow blocks)
Because they require zero lubricant, pillow blocks can be used in many diverse environments. This versatility is enhanced by compatibility with metallic pillow blocks as well.
Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)


Use Cases

Application Plastic bearings are mainly used in special conditions where steel just will not do. Only select resins and special materials are suitable for environments like these: