Joint Research

Joint Research with Toyama University (Prof. Katsuyuki Kida)

Kashima Bearings, Inc is currently conducting joint research with Toyama University on non-metal bearings, including plastic bearings.

Theme of joint research: Application of non-metal materials to machine element parts

Research on bearings, joints, rolling fatigue, cracking, contact stress, delamination damage, frictional wear, and distortion resistance

Materials under research

Plastic, ceramics, and steel

Joint researcher

Prof. Katsuyuki Kida, Graduate School of Engineering, Toyama University

Activities of Prof. Katsuyuki Kida

Sampling of newly developed tester: Rolling Fatigue Tester 2
Rolling fatigue tester


  • Tests can be implemented with lighter loads than used to be used on testers in the past.
  • The stability of both the non-metal and metal materials is assured.
  • Rotating numbers can be set arbitrarily, and therefore flexible tests can be implemented, tailored to the purpose.
  • Loads are fine-tunable.
  • The machinery can be operated stably and continuously.
  • Maximum-static frictional-force and kinetic friction-force can be measured.
  • Wet testing can be conducted.

Rolling tester (Rolling fatigue tester)

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Publications of joint research (Publication2011)