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Collaboration Work

Kashima Bearings, Inc. is currently conducting joint research with University of Toyama on non-metal bearings including plastic bearings.

Topic: Application of Non-Metal Materials to Machine Element Parts

Research on  fatigue and wear durability of the polymer bearings 

Materials under Research

Polymer (PEEK, PPS, UHMWPE, PTFE etc.)
Ceramics (PSZ, Si3N4, Al2O3 etc.)
Bearing steel (JIS-SUJ2, high-carbon high-chromium steel, titanium)

Joint Researcher

Prof. Katsuyuki Kida, Department of mechanical engineering, University of Toyama.

Example of Joint Development

Rolling contact fatigue assessment machine for polymer bearings
Rolling Contact Fatigue Assessment Machine (for Thrust Bearings)
Rolling Contact Fatigue Assessment Machine (for Radial Bearings)


  • Wide and precise load range which is suitable for polymer bearings
  • Wide range of the rolling speed
  • High vibration durability during the rolling contact fatigue tests
  • Measurement system of friction coefficient (both static and dynamic value)
  • Various attachments for the test in water

Rolling contact fatigue machines are now available for sale. For price inquiries, please contact us.


Publications of joint research (Publication2011)