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Product Line

Kashima Bearings, Inc. has been specializing in plastic bearings for decades, which expertise is applied to all our products, standard or custom. We fully utilize our technologies to use the highest class of materials and the widest range of bearing shapes and types in the industry. Unlike those companies that rely on injection-molded plastics, our techniques allow us to craft what you need quickly and precisely.

Kashima Plastic Bearings Guarantees

Precision and Quality

Kashima’s plastic ball bearings are basically made via hand-machining. They are manufactured with the highest precision possible. Dimensional tolerance, linear thermal expansion and water absorption characteristics of plastics are thoroughly evaluated and factored into all designs.
We develop and manufacture our products to have the highest quality for performance, function and durability to satisfy our demanding customers in Japan, who require the strictest adherence to specs and only accept the highest standards of quality. We are confident that our design and manufacturing skills can satisfy all customers, world-wide.

Broadest Range of Materials

We specialize in understanding the characteristics of numerous types of plastics, allowing us to offer the perfect materials that match the needs of our customers.

In addition to the same plastic materials used for the rings and cages, various materials for the balls are available: e.g., stainless steel (rust-proof) balls suitable for a water environment, and ceramic balls perfect for a chemical environment.

Widest Selection of Tailored Designs

We can manufacture the same finished shapes as standard metal bearings: Deep-Groove, Angular, Miniature, Thrust, Self-Angular, etc. Any unique designs that customers require can be manufactured in our machining facilities. Moreover, we can offer various additional benefits, such as reducing the number of components that standard metal designs have, as well as enabling you to move or redesign other components, freeing them from complicated arrangements.

Ball Bearings

Deep-groove ball bearings   Thrust ball bearings   Angular-contact ball bearings   Self-aligning ball bearings
Deep-Groove Ball Bearings   Thrust Ball Bearings   Angular-Contact Ball Bearings   Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
Miniature ball bearings   Custom-made ball
bearings   Ceramic ball bearings    
Miniature Ball Bearings   Custom-Made Ball Bearings   Ceramic Ball Bearings    

Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Plain bearings (i.e., sliding bearings or bushings) are simple bearings without balls that are highly resistant to abrasion, require zero lubricant, and can slide smoothly within various shapes: sleeves, liners, etc.
Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)

Because they require zero lubricant, pillow blocks can be used in many diverse environments. This versatility is enhanced by compatibility with metallic pillow blocks as well.
Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)