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Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)

Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)

Major Use Cases:
Ordinary pillow blocks include a metallic bearing, and therefore cannot be used without grease or oil.

However, our Plastic Pillow Blocks can be used for a long time without maintenance, in wet places or places exposed to steam, at high temperatures, or under other conditions where normal metallic bearings would have only a short lifespan.

Because our plastic pillow blocks are made in sizes compatible with metallic pillow blocks, you can immediately replace them wherever you currently face problems.

We can supply both the plain / sliding bearing type (bushing) and the ball bearing type.

These pillow blocks are favored for use in diverse use cases including transportation and conveyance machines; food-processing machinery; as well as machines related to ensuring environmentally friendly conditions (e.g., water and garbage treatment).

Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units) are most suitable under the following conditions:

  • Operating in dry environments
  • Operating in irregularly wet / damp environments
  • Operating in water continuously / regularly
  • Operating in seawater
  • Operating in steam
  • Operating in chemicals
  • Operating in high temperatures

Use Cases

The following are the common types of environments in which Deep-groove Ball Bearings excel: