Plastic Ball Bearings all Made in Japan Kashima Bearings, Inc. Japan
Plastic Ball Bearings all Made in Japan Kashima Bearings, Inc. JapanPlastic Ball Bearings all Made in Japan Kashima Bearings, Inc. Japan

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We are pleased to inform you that even in times of Covid-19 we continue to produce for you and supply our customers worldwide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Uniquely Kashima

Why do we have 40% market share in Japan?
There are many reasons why our customers choose us, but what makes Kashima Bearings, Inc. a leading manufacturer is that we know plastics and tailor our plastic bearings to fulfill the needs of numerous factory environments.  Plastic bearings have their own advantages that metal bearings do not have.

Why Plastic Bearings?

– Anti-Corrosion 
– No Lubricant / Grease Required
– Nonmagnetic
– Chemically Resistant
– Electrically Insulated

Why Kashima?

High-Tech Craftsmanship: Kashima crafts bearings by hand and machine, with care and precision, relying on skills and experiences acquired over many decades. We make bearings to order for any size of lots. We listen to the customers’ needs to create the best bearing types from the best plastics for each use-case.

Many More Standard Sizes & Types: Making a mold is expensive, costing well over $10,000. Some companies demand that a customer purchase at least 100,000 pieces so they can break-even. Kashima, however, can make plastic bearings for almost all metal-standard sizes, as well as the most unique sizes and shapes.

Greater Range of Materials: Kashima can craft your bearings out of 7 different types of plastic. Injection molding only offers 1 or 2 types, but these types simply cannot offer the advantages that our range of materials provides, especially in chemical or extremely wet environments. If you are looking for just the right plastic-bearing made with world-famous Japanese care and service that can’t be found anywhere else, the answer is Kashima.


We provide you with the most suitable products for your needs in any size of orders. See our product lineup below. For any inquiries, please contact us.

Ball Bearings

Deep-groove ball bearings   Thrust ball bearings   Angular-contact ball bearings   Self-aligning ball bearings
Deep-Groove Ball Bearings   Thrust Ball Bearings   Angular-Contact Ball Bearings   Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
Miniature ball bearings   Custom-made ball
bearings   Ceramic ball bearings    
Miniature Ball Bearings   Custom-Made Ball Bearings   Ceramic Ball Bearings    

Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Plain bearings (i.e., sliding bearings or bushings) are simple bearings without balls that are highly resistant to abrasion, require zero lubricant, and can slide smoothly within various shapes: sleeves, liners, etc.
Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)

Because they require zero lubricant, pillow blocks can be used in many diverse environments. This versatility is enhanced by compatibility with metallic pillow blocks as well.
Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)


Plastic bearings are mainly used in special conditions where steel is not suitable.
Our products consists of select resins and special materials, and their applications cover various environment as shown below.


MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Glass-substrate cleaning lines
Silicon-wafer manufacturing
Dyeing lines
Plating machinery
Washing equipment
Food processing equipment
Film-cleaning and surface-treatment
Fountains and aqua-landscape facilities
Insulated components (measuring equipment, gauges and detectors)